Running Our Older Software On Windows 10

Some of our older software will run easily under Vista/7/10 but not all will. The following programs of ours will run easily under Vista/7/10 and you shouldn’t change any of their properties:

MN MicroTunnel Shape File Generator Version 2
– Needs To Be Run With The Highest (Administrator) Privileges To Register. If Registration (PIN Number) Doesn’t Work, Please Contact Our Support Team Straight Away.


The rest of our software will give you the following error when you first run it:


Click Abort.

You will also get another error:

Click Abort again to exit this second message.

The program will stop.

Now click once on the program’s icon on your desktop and then right click once on it to bring up the following menu:

Click Properties at the bottom of the menu. The following window will appear:

Click once on the Compatibility tab and it will now look like this:

Now click once in the checkbox next to the text: Run this program as an administrator

The window should now look like this:

Now click Apply and then click OK

The window will close. Now the program will run.

When you start the program, you might be asked to Cancel or Allow the program; to use the program click Allow.