MN Graph Paper Generator


This program creates three types graph paper for you to print; normal square graph paper, hexagon (hexagonal) graph paper and triangle shaped graph paper. This program also saves you money and time because instead of ordering or buying in person the graph paper, you create and print it yourself from this program thus giving you complete flexibility over the graph paper and the availability of the graph paper when and where you either want or need it.


Key Benefits

  • Can create normal graph paper, hexagon (hexagonal) graph paper and triangle shaped graph paper
  • You set the scale and choose between centimetres and inches
  • You choose the type of graph paper to generate
  • You choose if you want Inner Border (Bold Spacing) and choose the units to draw Inner Borders at
  • Has Open & Save capabilities to save your design for future printing
  • You choose one of three graph paper line colors



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MN Graph Paper Generator


System Requirements:

Operating System Windows® NT 4.0, Windows® 2000, Windows® XP Professional, Windows® Vista or Later
Hard Drive Space 5.8MB of uncompressed Hard Drive Space
RAM (Random Access Memory) 64MB For Optimal Performance
Processor Pentium® II 233 MHz processor (Pentium® III recommended) or Higher


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