CompuTate – Typist



  • Built on the robust and secure MNVoiceRecordCtrl (proprietary to Compupal┬«) recording / playback control
  • Built on the robust and secure MNNoteAttach (proprietary to Compupal┬«) note and attachment inclusion control
  • Robust File Management
  • Secure Package Handling (SPH) functionality using AES-256bit Encryption with 4096bit keys (layered encryption) to ensure your data is secure and only your intended recipient can utilise the packages
  • Dictation Recording Priority Handlers (DRPH), to ensure that your typist types the most important dictation recordings first
    • Rush Priority
    • High Priority
    • Medium Priority
    • Low Priority
  • Built on .NET Framework 3.5 – compiled as AnyCPU, so these programs will run on both 32bit and 64bit systems
  • Easy to use interface
  • Clear, easy to Understand settings
  • Playback performed on default playback device, no special drivers required!
  • Thorough documentation with explanatory images
  • Notes and attachment functionality for each recording
  • Secure Package Reception & Manual Package Import (SPRMPI)
    • Dictation recordings can be received from:
      • USB / Network Location
      • Email (Via Manual Package Import)
      • FTP
  • Full USB three pedal foot pedal support, simply map the pedal to the appropriate hotkeys
    • No need to hold pedals, simply tap the pedal to toggle playback on and off, tap to pause and step back and tap to stop playback. This reduces both wear and tear on the foot pedal and reduces potential injury to the end user
  • Automatic Dictation Management (ADM), once finished with a dictation recording, click the green tick will ask if you want the dictation recording to be kept or not. If you select to not keep the dictation recording, the recording, the associated notes and attachments will deleted


System Requirements

Windows 7 of Higher. Intel i7 3GHz CPU or equivalent. 64-bit. 6GB RAM

Windows 7 or Higher. Intel i7 3GHz CPU or equivalent. 32-bit. 4GB RAM



CompuTate – Typist


CompuTate – Typist is licenced per user, per computer.

CompuTate – Typist

  • Perpetual Licence
  • One Month Licence
  • Four Month Licence
  • Six Month Licence



CompuTate – Typist